Nr.4 Experimental Music from Poland / Austria / Gemany into the crypt.

PRSZR (pronounced “pressure”)

started as a collaboration between acclaimed polish percussion duo HATI and austrian electronic music veteran PURE combining the eerie, computer generated sound world of PURE with the archaic, outer-wordly spaceyness of HATI’s percussion play. PRSZR is now the duo of Rafal Iwanski a.k.a. X-NAVI:ET and Peter Votava a.k.a. PURE.
Multi-layered syncopating polyrhythms alternate with gong-based drones, both built on top of computer-generated loops and pulsating patterns. Melting acoustic with electronic aesthetics in a unique way PRSZR explores in their performances strategies for a highly hypnotic, cathartic sonic experience for the audience. Formed in 2008, and after a few promising concerts in Germany and Poland, the trio recorded its first album in 2009. It is released by Swiss label Hinterzimmer Records in December 2012 and accompanied by a tour through Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. PRSZR performed also at festivals: Ars Electronica in Linz, CTM Festival in Berlin and CoCArt Music Festival.


is the Solo project of the german instrumentalist Nina Kernicke known from her recent collaboration with German Drone pioneers Troum of which Nina has also been a recent live member of and her work under her other alias, ALL SIDES. Kernicke uses guitar, bass, drums and skillful sampling creating thick drony layers of deep and solemn emotions.
„Irrlicht“ collaboration album with Aun (Oral records) 2008
„Hel“ debutalbum (Cyclic law) 2009
All Sides:
„all sides“ debut EP (make mine music) 2006
„Shutun“ collaboration album with TROUM (Old Europa cafe) 2006
„Drift“ EP (Chat blanc records) 2007
„Dedalus“ Album (make mine music) 2007



started in the early 80ies to make my own sound as H 6 4. At first I was influenced by the aesthetics of Futurism and Dada - an antistatement of society and music. Franz de Waard of Vital called my music as some of the hardest music in Europe. I was active in Cassettemusicscene with two Labels (DDT-Tapes and EX) and in the Mailart Network. I make a fanzine called "Magazine". Some years later I discover the possibilities of natural sound phenomena - the structure and signals of being there. In 1991 I formed the "Hör-Bar" with Y-Ton-G and Malte Steiner, a music club for the advancement of experimental music with monthly concerts and change mine musical name in tbc. The main idea was to make a room for exchange of musical ideas and the possibility to meet musicians from around the world.

Then I started my own record label with smartman Stickel: "Wachsender Prozess" for noise culture based sounds. Now he disfuctioned and make his own business. Together with Günter Reznicek (Nova Huta) und Felix Knoth (Felix Kubin, Klangkrieg) publication of a magazine (Odradek) about electroacoustic and electronic music, which life without them today. Also the production of a two weekly radio program (Radio Gagarin) dealing with experimental music by FSK, a local autonomy radio station: live session, interview and affinity. Realization of own short films, art stuff and active as DJ (Nachtschwestern/FSK and Crossfadeentertainment parties, to name a few) and sound mixer. I done several Performances with the improvisional electronic group Six and More.

A New Project with Jan Iwers aka No called Freie Hand was born in 1999 for exploration of rhythmical biostructures in electronic sound manipulation. It was a electronic improvisational live group with several live performances. Its now dysfunctional after successful live performances. A new performance noise group with bass player and record label owner Guy Saldanha is active now. Another successful collaboration was with Heiner Metzger from the H7 organization of improvised music. They are some mail music projects: Brume, Artificial Memory Trace, Das Synthesche Mischgewebe. Also some interactive sound installation with Istari Lasterfaher and label art exhibition at different spaces. Today he played in the improvisation noise group 180 Grad and drink some beer, if he bored. tbc is a citizen of Elgaland/Vargaland.

Nr.3 Experimental Music from Poland into the crypt.

AB INTRA (Latin for "from inside") is a single room, studio project of Radek Kamiński, expressed in ambient/dark ambient forms.
The idea is to try to find the inner self through sound exploration. AB INTRA is generally an illustration of the images conceived in the mind of the author,
however, the usage of a form close to ambient gives the recipients the opportunity to make independent interpretation and insights into the internal realm of their own minds.

BISCLAVERET - the indigenous representative of the psychodelic / dark ambient scene.. Duet Radosław Murawski (Thorn) & Maciej Mehring (Dragos) is following their own music path.
Relying in on the dark/wave ambient stylistics and taking inspirations from illustration music they are creating sounds, thanks to which the atmosphere of horror and psychodrama is enhanced.
Creating their compositions, the musicians re trying to close them in tight albums, in which the text is an integral part thanks to which Bisclaveret introduces the listeners into the world of their
own visions, claustrophobic fears and questions about human existence. They use their own literature and musician code.

Der 2te Freund ( Bremen) Noises, Geräusche und feine Klänge aus der norddeutschen Tiefebene.
präsentiert von Rolf W. Krooß


Nr.2 Experimental Music from Lithuania into the crypt.

1. aram anam

Arma is the artist and curator from Lithuania working in a field of avantgarde / experimental / weird music since 1998. He runs cassette label Agharta, organizes events and is one of the most important persons in local scene.
His live performances involve theatric action combined with voice and lo-fi electronica.
Absurd, outsider, esoteric, new new age, drone, performance art are the key words that lead to the world that Arma represents.


Oorchach – this word means an iron ring, in Siberian Khakas region used to be ringed through bull-calf’s nose to prevent sucking mother’s milk. This domestic artifact represents an archaic, tribal attitude towards existence. A form of ring, circle gives possibility to interpret it more widely. This shows the aesthetic direction of Oorchach’s music, but doesn’t restricts it too much – it inspires, but not dogmatizes.
By sound, Oorchach could be described as ambient-ritual driven postindustrial music. But again, this is only guidelines, tenting not to tie ourself with stylistic restrictions.

Discography :
2006 Prisimerkti CD
2008 Chtonikka CD
2010 split w
+ some compilations

more coming soon.

3. Daina Dieva

DD is a sound constructor / video maker. A graduate in philology and audio & video technologies, she is interested in various ways to apply the language and in various languages - from programming, to the language of signs, individual languages and the language as a way to transcend the "me" defined by the origin, place of birth, race or other mostly externally definable features.
The perseverance to understand and to redefine one's inner language and express it in means available to her, is traced throughout all of Daina's creative works - live shows, music & soundscapes, videos, writings.
Daina Dieva music has been defined as "post-folk", "poetic", "dark", "hypnotizing", "cold". Usually during live show she performs one composition of a duration of half an hour, during which the listener is "guided" over a story told in long drones, live vocal sampling and wrapped up in series of echoes.

2011 "Leaving the Garden" CD
2009 "Nakčia" online album, download here:
2009 "Incubi Succubi" online album (with Svart1), download here:

Nr.1 Experimental Music into the crypt.

Big City Orchestra, San Francsico USA
Vibrae, OS/HB

BCO Website:

Big City Orchestrae is a long running art/anti-art group based generally in California. With an ever rotating cast of musician and nonmusician members. Formed in 1979 as house band for network of artist residences in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Almost comedically prolific, BCO sailed through the cassette culture movement of the 80’s & 90’s with about 130 hour long releases on over 100 labels. The 2009 tour of Europe and the UK marks the kick-off of the anniversary celebration of BCO's 30-years of noise.
BCO's "SONIC UTOPIA 2012" endeavor promises a bucket-full-of hyperbole... as the Orchestrae tends to do, the program will be staffed by special guests, and a few "core" members... expect projections, organic drones, and perhaps a glitch monkey...


Komposition für explodierte bomben und vibratoren-

die Experimentalkomposer Helge S. Moune (Bremen) und Melvin Neumann (Münster) spielen als VIBRAE auf
originalen fliegerbombentrümmern aus dem 2.ten weltkrieg.
mit vibrator-motoren und elektroakustischer effekten entstehen ungewöhnliche
klangsphären, repititiv und in dichten obertongeräuschen.
dem ursprünglichen sinn der zerstörung dieser waffen setzen VIBRAE eine meditativ-akustische und dronelastige
Modifizierung gegenüber wie es sie bisher wohl noch nicht zu hören gab.